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People often ask me which antivaricose gel I consider to be the most effective, safe and gentle. Which product I would whole-kindheartedly recommend to young mothers and older people. And my answer would be – try VaricoFix! In my practice, I am facing the fact that only this gel gives a real improvement, reducing pain symptoms and bringing veins in order.”

Dr. Lee Graham



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After pregnancy and childbirth I had difficulties with my legs. Not only that, I was constantly feeling pain, but also my veins started to “get out.” My legs were covered with a venous “bumps” at the end of the day! It looked awful.

I went to my doctor, and it was he who advised me to use this antivaricose ointment. He said to apply it daily, 2 times a day. The first effects I saw after 5 days. Veins were not swelling and looked almost normal. After a month of use, I noticed that the pain was gone and my legs no longer disturbing me and there is almost no swelling. I will continue this treatment!


Kristin, 28 years

Varicose veins – my eternal problem! For almost 10 years I have been using different ointments, gels, tablets. From everything that I have tried, the VaricoFix is the best. It is not only enjoyable, but also quickly is absorbed, and gives a relief. After using this gel I feel no itching, have no rash, like it was after various products from the pharmacy. I really noticed that swelling and inflammation are disappearing. Maybe not so fast, but forever!

And with this product I feel some lightness in my legs. And one more thing -it is not addictive. It is effective even when you use it on the regular basis.


Amanda, 37 years

I had the second stage of varicose veins. Veins in the legs were really visible, the skin was dry. I had swelling and pain almost constantly. My daughter bought me this gel, but I wasn’t really hoping it would help.

I have been using it for nearly a year now, on a daily basis, several times a day. The results surprised me. The first thing you notice – the skin becomes healthy and moisturized. After that pain and swelling began to disappear gradually. Later, after about a month of using venous bumps began to decrease. I continue using this gel, because I see the results, and it makes me very happy!


Chris, 57 years

My husband have been always saying that I had problems with my veins. And I also felt it myself. My hands were covered with venous nets, that the look was really scary. And it hurt, ached, and I had constant feeling of coldness in my hands.

My husband bought me this product. And we started to apply. At first there was nothing, just a pleasant feeling of warmth. In about 10 days, my veins became slightly smaller and brighter. I was glad! Then, after a month and a half I noticed that the pain was gone. Apparently this gel removed the inflammation! Veins are significantly smaller. The net on my hand does not look so scary and there is no pain!


Betty, 58 years

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